Allowing God to Remove people from your Life

I asked a really important question yesterday. This question is an upcoming question on The POV Lounge next week. So I’m going to ask it here. “What you are leaving behind in 2009 and what are you taking with you in 2010?”

Makes you think huh? We are starting a new year in a week. It’s time to get things in order. As the saying goes, “Out with the old and in with the new” It’s time to get rid of old package that’s not helping your progress in 2009. We should always  move forward only looking back at memories we hold near and dear to our heart.

One person responded to this question saying they need to get rid of some people but it will be hard. It’s always hard to let go of people you may love or people that have been a big influence in your life. Especially if you are trying to let go of a relationship but you know in your hurt you need to let it go. It’s tough but God has His reasons.

In my life, I’ve had to let go of a lot of people. Even people that have been in my life for years. It was tough but I realized that when God declares something over in my life it has to be over. No if ands or butts about it. The reason He takes people out of our lives is because either they no longer have a purpose in our life or they are hindering us from moving in the way that God feels we should and anyone that is getting in His way will be removed.

God may not remove them completely, He may just move them to the side and you’ll realize that you don’t talk to them as much or things aren’t the same. I believe everything is for a reason. So when God is moving people out or away from your life, step aside and let Him work. Don’t fight God on a dead subject. You will lose!

God Bless,

Dominique Watson


18 thoughts on “Allowing God to Remove people from your Life

  1. THANX, I really did need 2 hear this, I have been struggling w/certain issues, certain people….etc…God knows….thanx again! PS: You are one person which I will be taking with me in2 the new year…you are ‘God sent’

  2. 2010 will be the year I increase my personal fellowship wth the Lord instead of turning to people to get only what He can give: unconditional love and acceptance!

  3. I have come to realize sometimes ppl say “God puts ppl in our life for a season” alot of times thats not true cuz God didnt do it WE did. be it a boyfriend girlfriend or whatever. everybody aint sent

  4. to us by God we get them and they become that hinderence in our lives sometimes because we make them one. bug its best that u cut ties wit ppl cuz if God do it it wont be good. we have to becareful

  5. Yes it is hard to rid yourself of those you think are on your side, or those who you’ve come to love. But if they are a wedge that comes between you and God, and your duties in life, then God will eventually remove any shackles that keeps you from moving on. It’s the Ebb & Flow of life…He knows.

  6. Yes, its very hard but God is moving in my life. I prepared myself for the illuminations and I’m letting His will be done. He’s taking me “Higher” and I’m ready for the journey. Amen

  7. I have been battling with this, but now, i couldn’t be more happier, to let go and let GOD, thanks much. Will give all this energy and time i have been wasting on them people to my God.


  8. This brought tears to my eyes and it is exactly what I needed to hear at this point in my life. I have recently felt like God has removed certain people from my life because they are getting in the way of what he put me on the earth to do. I really feel like it’s happening for a reason. Now that I’ve read this words I feel even more sure about it. Thank you for posting this Domonique, God bless.

  9. I totally agree. Have you heard of unholy soul ties. My sister always has problems with her kids that are grown. Everytime I see her we or I take a backseat cause she is trying to control or fix some mess! I am not throwing stones but we are not goOd for each other spiritually. I get angry and end up drinking poison ( not literally) but not a good feeling! Theresa

  10. Thank you soooo much! Going through a breakup, was engaged to be married. Prayed a lot and knew in my spirit to walk away. I’ve lost 30 lbs in 3 months during the relationship, so stressed out. Held on, I did not want to break up. Glory be to Jesus Christ! The person was not good for me, and the Lord has removed me from him! I forgive the person, I bless him and curse him not. Jesus Christ has manifested healing big time in my heart and emotions through my forgiving this person. I am healed , whole and not broken!.Someone I’d only talked with a couple of times said to me, ” why are you so sad, you should be happy. You’re looking at this the wrong way. Jesus Christ removed the wrong person out of your life , so he can bring the right person to you!”

  11. I’m highly n the need of the HEAVENLY FATHER working such things out 4 me n my life.I know n my heart,GOD is true 2 HIS WORD!.

      • I absolutely believe God separates HIS chosen ones as I was with a man who was horrible for me and the Lord snatched me so fast from him. I ended up in VA. I think it was 1300 miles away from him The LORD arranged for me to get a nursing assignment there over the phone! Lol, Isn’t HE clever! Theresa

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